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October 2, 2008


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Stole from :iconyuri-the-cat: who stole from :iconjeffron: x3

1 | What is the name of your fursona?


2 | Where did the name of your Fursona come from?

Well it originally started from this book a read call In Darkness, Death and like there was a ninja named Kitsune. Kitsune was my old fox fursona, I soon came up with parts of a storyline for him, and giving him a title, Youkai, which means demon (I rather use the word spectre though) not long ago I decided to change furs into a rabbi-> cabbit and eventually kept the name Youkai as me own. 'w'

3 | What species is your fursona and why did you choose that?

First started as a bunny cause of too much time on Second Life (if your not familiar with SL furries then just know that I'm a cabbit now cause I'm awsome) well on SL there are the Kani avatars, I thought it was cute and bought a white one. Friends thought it fits my personality and I really loved the avatar but I was afraid it was too common, eventually I started toying around and changing it, then my boyfriend mentioned the Cabbit, I looked into it and thought it was an awsome idea cause I act kitty like sometimes. Myuu~ hehe ^w^ a few friends liked my fox fur better, but oh well~

4 | What color is your fursona and why? Hair/fur/eyes/etc.

He's white furred, with dark-grey paws/feet. He has dark grey hair with 3 white (bangs?) on the left-front side of his head. He also has a short cat tail with a grey tip, and he also has light glowing blue eyes.

5 | What is your fursona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality?

To be honest lets use my old fox one as an example, then I'll talk about the Cabbit (cause the cabbit is just basically me, same personality and stuff ;3)
Youkai Kitsune is a scruffy bold kid, always tries his best to prove he's got what it takes to make it on his own and become a powerful hero. Sometimes he makes the right choice, sometimes...he risks everything he has just for a taste of power. With a kind and soft heart, he's still learning the rights from wrongs as he adjusts to his dangerous lifestyles.

Okay, there are a few similarities, kind heart and learning right and wrongs, Kitsune is more out going than I am, more eager to things and get things done. As for me and the new cabbit Youkai, we're more timid and satisfied with whatever happens, and we keep opinions to ourselves.

6 | What is one item your fursona owns that is significant to you in RL?

From now on I'm gonna add the little wolf necklace~<3

7 | What is one thing you think you would say to your fursona if you could meet?

omg hiii~! *pets happily* ^w^

8 | What is one thing your fursona would say to you if you could meet?

*squeeks* '_';

9 | How has your fursona changed over the years?

Like I said, Fox to cabbit xD
nuff said lol

10 | How long have you had this fursona?

Kitsune was I think...4-5 years? rabbit Youkai was like...half a year? cabbit was like...3 months ago lol

11 | Would you like to be more like your fursona?

Okay what furry WOULD'NT want to be like his fursona =w= you'd be a traitor to furry society! >:o *rawrs*

:iconheartlessdemon: The kind and cool. Gizy here is a growing friend, a sweat, thoughtful kitty and he seems to be definitely willing to help his friends. I definitely hope to see our friendship grow~
:iconz0rgy: This puppy pie is sweet at heart, but caring as a dad sometimes x3 (personal experiences) though all he wants are honest true friends, and I'll be there when he needs one and he never misses a word in the english dictionary. My only, but greatest French friend i can ask for~
:iconshinji-fox: The guy with HAWT hair 'w' A very easy going kiddo with a fun loving attitude who's respect for me is nothing less than lovable ^w^ hehe...although he probably wouldn't want me saying this~
:iconkelceyolson: Girl with an eye for natural beauty. Her photos of her surroundings say quite a bit about her personality...and...the weird out-lived conversations we manage to start and almost never end xD Her interesting stories will never end~
:iconyuri-the-cat: Got me into RPs and now I can't get out lulz TwT He's the ungodly cat who nearly can't be killed, but hey the guys too lovable to get taken out by hordes of demons ;3 hehe but all around smooth brother~
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Spagetti-Cigarette Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
you thinking that Little Youkai Cabbit could be in the thing you,Paul3,and me is working on.
Now i know you said that the Cabbit is timid and stuff but lets change it to a cabbit from a city with a lot of rails verts and make the city futuristic.I could imagine the cabbit guy on roller skates and he's like a genius when it comes to rollerblading.And these arent your average skates, these are mechanical(stole mechanics from Air Gear Anime...MWAHAHAHAHAH)Anyway thiscabbit is gonna be the coolest skater.He'll have fans and jelous people.I can see it right now dude.It could tottally work.
littleYoukai Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
yea sorry dude but hes exclusive to being "me", then being a "character"
Spagetti-Cigarette Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aw well
>.< buah
littleYoukai Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008
MsAnimanga Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
T+T i dun think i have a fursona *sad*
littleYoukai Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
you need ooooone T3T =P
MsAnimanga Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
but i dunno what it would beeeeeee!!! i'm incredibly indecisive!!! i luff bats and black cats and clack dogs and black panthers and.... everything T+T
littleYoukai Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008
black dragon? =D
MsAnimanga Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
gah x] yesh, a black dragon's rad, too!
littleYoukai Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008
you need to like...have people vote or something =D
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